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Hemp Bags Versus Plastic Bags

Our world is rapidly moving towards global warming due to the growing population and the continuous use of toxic substances. Global warming is a phenomenon in which the temperature of the world and the concentration of the carbon dioxide gas are continuously increasing. There are various different reasons which are held as the cause of global warming like the lesser number of trees, usage of such deodorants which releases toxic substances and products that are made up of plastic. Nowadays, there has been this joke revolving around that everything in this world will end except for the plastic. This is the reason that such products should be avoided which is composed of plastic especially plastic bags instead we should use organic bags like hemp bags. We will e discussing about the comparison between hemp bags and plastic bags in this article.

Hemp bags:

As the name implies, hemp bags are the kind of bags that are composed of organic material known as hemp. The bags that are composed of hemp are much stronger and have great tensile strength. The reason for their extreme strength is that their fibre is quite solid as compared to fibre of other materials like cotton. There are lot of things that are manufactured by the use of hemp fibres like jeans, shirts and other such items. However, hemp bags are the most commonly used material made out of hemp.  Hemp bags are manufactured by hand are contains that traces of cotton fabric as well.  There are various different types of hemp bags like hemp tote bag which is used to carry different items in it.  Then there are hemp drawstring bags which can be open or closed by pulling a single string. Hemp backpacks are another such kind of hemp bags. Besides the above mentioned bags, there are many other types of hemp bags availed in the market.

Plastic bags:

Plastic bags are the bags that are made purely of plastic that is made in such a way that a thin layer of plastic is moulded in the shape of bag along with two attached strings which are also made out of same thin plastic material. There is no as such variety in plastic bags. The only kind of plastic bags are the item or good carrying bags but these plastic bags are quite commonly used which is an alarming situation for our environment and ultimately for us.


There are many different types of bags available in the market which differs on the basis of their composition, the material that is used in their making and their designing. Hemp bags are the bags that are composed of organic material and can be used again and again. These bags are environment friendly and can be decomposed easily. It is our duty to buy such things which do not harm the mother nature in any which way. “Albury Enviro bags” sells the best quality of hemp bags.