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Are You Looking For The 4G WIFI Modem For Your Pc Or Any Other Gadget?

Now, in an advance world where an internet becomes an essential thing and to be honest and straightforward we cannot live without internet too. When we talk about internet so there are many things comes in our mind but we shall be discussing about its hardware like modem because the better your hardware is the more you will get an ultimate experience of an internet. So, there are now WIFI modem which are normally being used by the people and all other LAN (Local Area Network) is getting on backwards. Even now days there are 4G WIFI modem which is taking place because it is more fast and secured and gives you an ultimate internet experience with a high speed which is now a requirement of today’s world. Due to many services and which is increasing day-by-day it is become very hard to conquer all of them at the low speed of an internet. Like for an example, there are now high definition video quality which required fast internet speed to be load or you can say buffered for an online streaming. Similarly, there are many other things too over an internet which required good internet speed.

In an addition, now old technologies or modems are not capable to provide you that much speed which you need so this is why there are now 4G WIFI modem which gives you powerful internet with an excellent high speed without any interruption. If we say that 4G WIFI modem is essential as for now a day life experience so this is not wrong as it is important. Now there are many companies who offer 4G WIFI Modems but again there are many qualities available in the market with different functionalities and options. Like if you are getting a 4G WIFI Modem in let say AUD $250 so might it can only cover a radius of 50 meters and after it its signal get lost and internet speed will get low even some of the time no internet. Similarly, if you are getting a 4G WIFI MODEM for AUD $500 so it will give you long range like 200 meters so let us calculate and compare these two 4G WIFI MODEM models in following points


This will give you 50 meters of range and costs you for AUD $250 so if you needed to cover the 1000 meters of area then you may requires almost 20 4G WIFI modems and total costing would be like AUD $5000 which is high.

200 Meters 4G WIFI MODEM

If we compare the 4G WIFI Modem which covers 200 meters and whose cost is AUD $500 so for the requirement of 1000 meters we shall require only five 4G WIFI modems and total costing would be only AUD $2500 which is exact half of the other 4G WIFI modem.

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