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Why Do You Need To Have A Dilapidation Report

A dilapidation report is a very useful way to protect your investment. It plays a very crucial role in ensuring the safety and protection of your house. It is most important when a construction project is being carried out near your house. Often when construction is going near your place of residence, it might cause damage to your property. This is most common if you live in or near a commercial area where most of these structural processes are carried out. Therefore, we believe that it is very important for you to understand why you should have a dilapidation report in order to ensure the safety of your property. 

Now before we get into the detail one must know what a dilapidation survey and report is 

Dilapidation report and survey

A dilapidation report is a type of report that helps you document the existing condition of your house or property. This will help you report any sort of damage to your property after the structural or construction work. 

Who prepares the dilapidation report? 

A dilapidation report is formed by a professional and skilled person who knows how to keep the situation moderate and cool between the property owners and the construction workers. This greatly helps to reach a point that is accepted by both parties. 

Serves as a document proof 

A building services consultants Sydney serves as a document proof for your property. It has all the details related to your property condition prior to the construction work. If you have a legal dilapidation report, then any damage to your property or house can easily be repaired without charging you a single penny. However, if you do not have a dilapidation report for your property then any damage to it will cost you money and hence you cannot ask for free repair. 

Provides evidence against fraud or illegal claims

One of the greatest advantages of having a dilapidation report is that it provides solid evidence of your property against all the legal claims or frauds. If someone tries to illegally claim your property, then a perfect dilapidation report will fight against that claim and the person illegally claiming your property or house will have to face serious consequences afterward. If someone intentionally damages your property, then a dilapidation report will help to file a case against them so that you can get your property repaired for free. Hence a dilapidation report is important for both the contractors and the property owners. 

In short, a dilapidation report proves to be very advantageous for me and for the safety of your property. This report is based on real photographs and videos of your property so that any damage to your property after the structural work can easily be repaired under legal laws.