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What Do You Need To Know About Picket Fencing

The name picket fencing is originated from the French word which is the piquet which actually means pierce. These are the fence which are designed in pointing upwards and these are used for the protecting the property so that it is enclosed in the picket. These picket fencing is not new but is very much old and these dates back to the American history when there were colonial days. Now a days, these are used for adding a boundary around the house and to decorate in an  elegant timber fence posts style because these picket fencing are usually white in color and are vertical strips with the pointing head and these are evenly spaced as well. Although in the early American history these were also used as a weapon and was used for defensive purpose. 

The materials which are used in the manufacturing of these picket fencing Melbourne could either be wood or vinyl and sometimes aluminum and PVC is also used but the most popular choice of these picket fencing is the wood and this could be any kind of wood which is either treated or untreated and there could be wood as well which are naturally treated against insects so that these do not rot and maintain their texture for longer period.

The installation of the picket fencing has couple of steps and the installation start from the insertion of the posts which are inserted in the ground. This could be done either manually or with the machine, first the holes are dug and then the posts are placed inside these. Once the posts are in the ground then the concrete is added to the hole, this is how the posts keep erected and fixed in their position then the concrete is left to set once it is dried up then the horizontal rails are attached to the posts to introduce more stability and finally the pickets are attached. It is made sure that the holes and posts are erected on the same distance and these are evenly spaced to give the good desired look of the picket fencing. Since the post insertion and installation is tricky and most important therefore it is most of the time of the installation.

Although now the market has the vinyl picket fencing which comes with the unique and modern way of installation and has eliminated the need of digging the holes but instead the pipes are used which are dived in to the ground. Such kind of ways are famous in the countries like Canada.