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How To Design The Bathroom Of Your Dreams?

EB as of late delivered their Elite Bathroom International Comparison report for Home Renovation Activity, and the report saw that 52% of mortgage holders in Australia revamped their home this year. Furthermore, 16% of these mortgage holders decide to redesign their bathrooms in canberra. In this way, given these measurements, there is a decent possibility that you’ll be redesigning your bathrooms in the following year.

At EB, They meet clients hoping to buy bathroom items for remodels consistently. What’s more, throughout the long term, they’ve taken in the proprietary innovations behind designing a fantasy bathrooms. Today, they will share a portion of these privileged insights to help you bathroom design the perfect bathroom.

Think about usefulness first

Like the kitchen, the bathrooms are one of the most utilized rooms in a home. Since, in such a case that, usefulness is the primary thing you want to think about while remodelling a bathroom.

Start by making bathrooms format that will be pretty much as proficient as could be expected. Contingent upon the space accessible, you can pick a one-divider, two-divider or three-divider design. A one-divider design where the sink, shower, and latrine are up and down a solitary divider is the most financially savvy bathroom format. Notwithstanding, it is likewise extremely restricting. If you have more space, you ought to pick between a two-divider or three-divider design for your sink, tub, and latrine. These designs will make your space significantly more practical and usable.

Picking the right basin

Not exclusively is the bowl a critical piece of any bathrooms, yet picking the right bowl can likewise assist with characterizing the vibe of a bathroom. Today, bathroom bowls are accessible in a scope of styles and bathroom design, going from top-mounted bowl to under-mounted bowl and vessel bowl.

While vessel bowls are the most reasonable and simplest to introduce, they might gather grime. Top-mounted and under-mounted bowls are a lot more straightforward to clean and keep up with. Contingent upon the vanity you pick, get a top-mounted or under-mounted bowl likewise. You’ll track down a full scope of reasonable bathroom bowls in Australia with us at EB.

Feature tiles are a must!

To give your bathrooms that additional wow factor, adding highlight tiles to your bathroom floors or potentially dividers is an unquestionable requirement! While you can decide to make a consistent look by utilizing similar tiles everywhere, you can likewise differentiate tiles to make a fascinating impact on your space.

For the greatest determination of floor and divider include tiles in Australia, look no farther than us here at EB. Despite what style you’re searching for, you’re sure to observe the ideal component tile from our broad reach.


There are a few proprietary innovations you can do incorporate into your bathrooms remodel to guarantee that your bathroom design is the perfect bathroom. Continuously consider the usefulness of your space before you start with your remodels. Try to keep the design of your bathroom as effective as could be expected. Pick your bathroom bowl cautiously and consider remembering an unsupported shower for your space. In conclusion, add an element tile to your bathroom floors and add dividers to give your space the additional wow factor.

For all that you want to bathroom design the perfect bathroom, visit EB. They offer all that you could require, going from tiles to bathroom vanities, latrine suites and tapware to bathroom embellishments, showers, shower screens, vanity tops, bathroom bowls, and cupboards.