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How Do We Work Under The Umbrella Of Airport Metals?

Airport metal has come into being about 50 years ago. We have been into a business of making an aluminium and good stainless steel supplies for a long period of time. We soppy our products and services to the airport authorities. We are the aluminium suppliers and stainless suppliers to the most reputed companies in Australia. We are based on Melbourne. It is not wrong, if we say that we are the oldest suppliers. We never compromise on the quality of our products. We have a huge list of satisfied customers who have been stick to us for almost a decade and some even more than that time.

The Reasons:

People choose us over others for so many reasons.  Following are the few things that make us superior from others.

  • Largest Stock:

We have the largest stock in Australia. We can confidently claim that no other company in Australia has this much stock and orders that we have.

  • Quality:

The quality that we are supplying in the form of products and services is unbelievable. We know that people are highly rely on the raw material and the products that are being further used in making products. So, we make quality products. Whether, it’s aluminium or stainless steel.

  • Customer Care:

Satisfying customer is the ultimate goal of our company. We do not only sell to them as a client but we treat them as our family members. We listen to the needs carefully and make products according to their wish. Also, if they face any issues or need some alteration, we always welcome them.

  • Certificate:

We have a certificate to supply to the aviation’s. We take special care in terms of quality as we need to maintain our standards otherwise, we would lose our main customer.

There is a whole procedure of ordering and buying products and services from us. When you contact us via email or calls? Our people reply to your calls, answer them and listen to the needs carefully. Our people shall guide you about the material, sizes and shapes. Once you know, what products are we offering to you. Then, you decide what you actually want. Upon deciding, our people shall punch your order and forward it to the manufacturing department. The forward of order only takes place when the payment has been made. Paying amount is a message that your order has been confirmed and shall be delivered within the mentioned time frame. When the order is ready, we shall deliver it at your door step along with a copy of certificate and a receipt.

We believe in professionalism, so we do our business in this way. What are you still thinking? Call us and order now.