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A Brief Guide About Floorboards

Floorboards as the name represents are the types of the flooring techniques in which the long wooden boards are used to make the floor. Wood is the kind of the flooring which will never go out of the fashion. This is always a best option to provide the warmth and the classic look to your house. The floorboards in Perth are one kind of the wooden floors and there are multiple options even in this kind of the flooring. Although there are other types of the flooring options then the wooden ones but if you have decided to install the wooden floors then you must consider that the structure of your floor must be suitable for its installation such as it should have the joists so that the floorboards could easily be installed over these.  

What kind of woods are used in the floorboards? 

Normally, the floorboards are made with the woods like the softwoods. These are usually designed in such manner that these are either square in the shape or are tongue shaped. A good tip in the installation of the floorboards is that you must chose the boards which are narrow in width because not only will these provide your floor more finish but these will help you in the reduction of the movement that will happen over time. Although, one disadvantage that you will face with the narrow boards is that you will have to buy more floorboards and these will cost you more but if the budget is a no issue for you and you are more concerned about the finish and the quality of the flooring then these are best solution for you. In case of the narrow floorboarding it is good to have the maple hardwood and, in many cases, the oak hardwood is also a good option in these.  

How are these floorboards sawn? 

One of the important things in installation of the floorboard is which kind of the technique is used to saw these floorboards as this is very crucial. There are usually two kinds of the techniques and one is the quarter sawn and the other is the tangentially sawn. These techniques help you determine that from which part of the tree these floorboards are cut. The quarter sawn boards are usually cut from the centre to the outer edges whereas on the other hand the tangentially sawn one was cut from all of the tree. Although this could be minimal difference in terms of the design but there is a difference in the cost of these two. The quarter ones are the expensive than the other type of the floorboarding. floor-boards